Maeve was turned into a witch and lives in Five Bridges with all the other alters. Veyda, a powerful witch, wants Maeve for her dark coven. Veyda killed her husband because he was human and couldn’t stay in Five Bridges. She hunts every night at The Graveyard to look for hurt people. She finds Braden, an Alpha wolf, who’s been working border patrol.

Braden has been looking for 18 months, for the witches that killed his wife. He has stopped at Maeve’s candle shop and got to know her but he doesn’t know about her sanctuary and what she does for other alters. 

As they hunt for the most evil witch, they are falling for each other. But Maeve has secrets could destroy their budding relationship.

Wolves, witches, ghosts and really hot sex. Good story. Loved the characters.

* Voluntarily reviewed this for the author *


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