Zack fell in love with Gracie when he was a senior and she was a freshman. He gets a scholarship and is destined for the pros. He comes back and there is no sign of Gracie, she is gone without a trace. Zack looks for Gracie for twelve years. He is a member of the security company DSS. When his team are summoned to an art gallery to provide protection. He sees a painting and now it’s of his hometown and it must be Gracie’s. 

Gracie is a mind reader, and was from the wrong side of town but was madly in love with Zack. They had their life all planned out. Until a tragedy strikes and she leaves thinking Zack is a monster. When she sees him again, she totally freaks out. She wants him nowhere near her. 

When some fanatical group kidnaps her beats her, Zack is so angry he promises to protect her with his life. But then a female teammate is kidnapped and Gracie gets her powers back and she helps rescue her, along with the rest of DSS. 

Zack will do anything to get Gracie to forgive him, even if it means bringing up their horrific past. This is a great story. Not much sex but heartbreak, long lost love, and suspense. 


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