Dawn was in college and dating Tucker, who she knew for years. Tucker’s brother stops and tells her Tucker told him to pick her up. From there he tortures her and claims Tucker has been in on it from the start. He is called the Iceman and when he’s done torturing the women, he puts them in a freezer and lets them die. Tucker shows up and shoots his brother but they never recover the body.
Now seven years later, Dawn lives in New Orleans and is a PI. When a body is found, just like the Iceman’s victims, the FBI is called in. Tucker works for a new experimental edition to the FBI. He is sent to New Orleans since he knows the most about who might be the next victim and the type of killings. 

As more bodies pile up, Tucker is to protect Dawn since someone is breaking into her home and they can’t figure out how they’re doing it. Tucker will protect Dawn with everything in him.

This is one suspenseful story. You think you’ve got it figured out the BAM, Ms. Eden totally messes with your mind. Second chance lovers. Serial killers. Sex. And The Big Easy.

* Was given a copy by author and voluntarily reviewed it *



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