Meredith is a Lone wolf shifter, who was caught trying to steal from the New York’s Alpha. She was sentenced to ten years of being confined to the Alphas building. She has a little more freedom, she was the bodyguard for the Dr. and now she must keep an eye on the warlock, Daric.
Daric is a seer and warlock who has done some very bad things to protect his mother. He is now a prisoner of the Alpha, with his powers stripped. When Meredith’s foster brothers show up it’s with bad news. Their foster father was killed while in New York.

Meredith, her brothers and Daric start investigating to see what happened. While investigating, Stefan the warlock who held Daric and his mother for 18 years, is still wanting to take over the Lycans and human. 

When Stefan kidnaps Meredith, a baby and a dragon shifter, Daric will do anything to get his truemate back and so will the whole clan. 

Funny. Smoking hot sex. Overprotective brothers. A murder. And a sexy wolf and handsome warlock who butt heads often.


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