A hilarious, addicting story. It’ll have a laughing and crying. There is a little mystery and a little sex in it. I adore Ms. Phillips and her stories are the best. They make you feel like you’re experiencing everything the character is.
Zoe is former Secret Service, Greek, and her family is a little zany. Her family is in the middle of adopting a 14 year old girl. Everything goes haywire when her uncle shows up.

Ryan is a lawyer and from a very rich family. He has been searching for his sister who ran away seventeen years ago. He finds out she’s dead but he has a niece. 

There is a mistake when he shows up at the Costas house. They think he’s the social worker filling in for their regular one. Zoe figures it out but waits to tell her family. But someone seems to be after Sam ( the niece ) and the family will do anything to keep her safe. So Ryan, Zoe, and Sam are a trip to his parents. The stalker follows her there and a whole lot of secrets are revealed. Will Zoe and Ryan be able to overcome their differences and be happy or will Zoe let her fears make her lose the only man she loves?

* Voluntarily reviewed this for the author*

* Release Day July 11, 2015*


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