Reagan owns a bar and just got out of a bad relationship that lasted eight years. She is not ready to jump into another one. She has always loved Lynx but she’s afraid of getting her heart broken. Lynx is the bad boy of their little town. He wants Reagan but he’ll have to do a lot of work to get her. But he won’t give up until she is his. He has wanted her for ten years and nothing will keep him from her.

When someone blows her bar up with her, Amy ( her employee and Wolfe and her brother Rhys lover ), and Wolfe ( Lynx’s cousin ) in it, she is devastated. In order to find the culprit, Lynx and Wolfe call in their cousins the Walker brothers.

This is the conclusion of this series. I loved it. Lynx is a tattooed, sexy, protective man. Reagan is ornery, beautiful, and very independent. The sex is out of this world. The story will have you turning pages until the end. The Walkers, Sniper Security, and Adorites make appearances. Mrs. Edwards has done it again. M/F, M/M/F, M/M. 


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