I freaking loved this book. It’s funny, sexy, and action packed. Rayne is beautiful, strong, and brave. Ghost is big, gorgeous and stubborn.
Rayne is a flight attendant and gets a layover in London where she meets Ghost. He is a member of DELTA FORCE and just came back from a mission. When their flight is cancelled, they decide to see London together. He tells her he can only do a one night stand and she agrees. He leaves the next morning and goes home.

Rayne was on a layover in Egypt and her and another flight attendant decide to go on a tour with some passengers from the plane. They get taken hostage and Ghost and his team are the ones sent to rescue them. He doesn’t know she’s one of them until he’s told that they separated her from the rest. He finds he half naked, chained to a bed and swears he’ll do anything to keep her.

Rayne stays in the hospital a few days and Ghost takes her home with him. He promises to never lie to her but she’s still not real trusting yet. Will she give him her heart or will he end up breaking it?

* voluntarily reviewed this for author from Netgalley *


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