Nate is a British actor, charming, a playboy, and has had a rough couple of years due to his ex girlfriend, but it was only for show. His people tell him he needs to get some positive publicity. 
Paige is a writer and widow with a teenage son. She wants to have her books made into a movie but she wants creative control and have a saw in who plays the lead character Flynn. Her publicist tells her she has to be seen by the public more. They want her to enter into a “showmance”. It’s a romance only for show. She hates being the center of attention and crowds but to get the movie producers to take her seriously, she must do it. 

Nate and Paige come to an agreement after she has a panic attack at a red carpet event. The more time Paige spends with Nate, the more she sees the real him not the person he shows the fans. 

This is a steamy, sweet, funny story. The characters are lovable and the sex is hot ( not many scenes ).


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