* RELEASES JULY 25, 2017*

Ginny is supposed to be a elementary school teacher but she has had to help her fathers company that was in the red. She agrees to marry Fedor, a criminal and rich but with new money not old, in exchange he will put money in the company, not release evidence against her sister, and she was to introduce him to contacts to get him in legit business. When Fedor gets mad and beats Ginny, she throws herself out of his car, and runs. The only person she thinks to go to is Tony, her sister’s ex fiancé.

Tony is a former MMA fighter and is being groomed as CEO of his family’s pharmaceutical company. When he sees Ginny again at a function, all his feelings for her come rushing back. But she is engaged to a ruthless, horrible man. He tells her if she even needs him to call but he plans on doing everything he can to get her out of the situation she has found herself in.

When he finds her on his doorstep, he immediately takes her in and gives her a safe place to stay. But the feelings between them are explosive but first he wants her to heal emotional and physical before he takes her to bed. Because he intends to never let her go. 

Tony has his own problems going on in his company concerning his father. Now he has to protect Ginny, find out what his father is up to, and try and take down Fedor. 

It took a little while for me to get into this story. I just couldn’t believe how Ginny could stick up for her sister who was a cruel, petty, spoiled woman. I wanted to slap her myself. The story was good and after the first several chapters, it starts to get really good. Some steamy sex. Evil men. And a knight rescuing the damsel.

* Voluntarily reviewed this from netgalley *


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