First time reading this author and it was amazing. Friends to lovers. Protective family members. Really hot sex. I loved the characters and the story.

Amanda is a Dr who teaches clinical classes in a hospital. She likes things neat and tidy in her life. She is always there for her three sisters and keeping her brother from finding out about the crazy things the sisters do. When a guy asks her out, she tells him she had a one night stand with Ryan and is not over him yet. The guy goes out and punches Ryan in the face.

Ryan a paramedic and football player and one of Amanda’s brothers friend and co worker, is blindsided when he gets punched for sleeping with Amanda, which only happened in his dreams. He confronts her and since he was accused of sleeping with her, why not go ahead and do it. Amanda has agreed to do what Emma would do for the weekend and vice versa. So it’s to clubs, laser tag, and getting caught in an alley.

Ryan isn’t the forever type. He leaves when he starts to have feelings but Amanda won’t let him get away. He’s never had anyone take care of him and he’s starting to like it. But when an accident happens will he be able to forgive himself even though Amanda feels there’s nothing to forgive?

* voluntarily reviewed this for author from instafreebie*


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