Kate is an aromatherapist and is raising her sisters son after she died. Lane is a rugby player and someone leaked to the press that he had a son, which he knew nothing about. He goes to Kate to confront her and accuses her of trying to get money from him. 

Reporters are camped at Kate’s house and bugging Jamie at school. When she finds the birth certificate the name of father is marked out. She orders a new one and they must wait eight days. But when Lane sees Jamie he knows he’s his or his brother’s because he looks just like them. 

Someone is playing with Kate. Having her almost arrested for stealing garden gnomes, leaving threatening messages, breaking into her house and destroying it, and flattening her tires. As Kate and Lane try to figure out who’s stalking her, they get to know each other and the heat really turns up. 

Can they have a relationship or will someone come between them? Steamy romance and mystery.


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