I had never heard of this author but I was invited to read it from netgalley. I’ll be honest I almost didn’t because I didn’t know her. I read the blurb and decided to give it a try. BOY am I glad I did! Lots of action, suspense, the mob, sex, and a group of people determined to help keep the world a better place. They go into places cops and government can’t.
Charlie is a computer whiz and English. Her mother and aunt were killed years ago and she went to live with her mob boss uncle. After eight years she leaves and gets caught skimming money out of someone’s bank account. He gives her a choice, go to school and then work for him or go to jail. She chooses school and hasn’t regretted it yet.

Vince is a former SEAL and the newest member to the Alpha team. He and Charlie are always verbally and physically sparring. He lost one of his best friends and has nightmares, so he never gets close to women. He’s a one and done man.

When girls are being kidnapped from nightclubs Charlie’s uncle owns, her and Vince are sent as a couple to check it out. They never expected to find calm and awesome sex in each other. Secrets are revealed and they must work fast to save the girls and put a stop to the human trafficking ring.



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