Loved it. Treasure hunting. A connection that is electric. Mystery. Sex. Valerie is the hostess of Onyx Casino and a member of THE RELIANCE GROUP. She is picked to help a man find Capone’s cane because of her special abilities.

Chase is a procurer of fine objects or a treasure hunter. He is hunting Al Capone’s cane. Chase can hold objects and tell their history. But the moment he touches Valerie it’s like lightning hitting them. 

Valerie is afraid to get close because she has had visions and then lost several people in her life and she stays away from relationships after being burned by an ex. 

Someone doesn’t want them together and will go to any lengths to separate them. Chase will do anything to keep Valerie, even give up his wild, more adventurous side. I think my favorite out of all three.

*voluntarily reviewed for author*



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