Miller is a romance writer who is beautiful., eccentric, and a little crazy. Her brother was a SEAL but now he is out searching for Solamon’s treasure. She gets a package in the mail with a finger and ring. She knows the ring was her brother’s because it is passed down from father to son for generations. She runs to her best friend Tess, the mortician, and shows it to her. There was a letter from a drug cartel that wants her to bring the ring and her brother’s letters or he’s dead.

Elias is a dead man walking. He was a former SEAL but now he is one of the GRAVEDIGGERS. An elite ops group that fights terrorism and works in the funeral home. He has been attracted to Miller since he first saw her but his life is not his own and he wants revenge on the person who had him killed and brought back.

When Miller is almost kidnapped, the team saves her and Tess in the nick of time. Now she knows about them and their operation. She plans to meet the drug leader to get her brother back but the team can’t let her go alone, so Elias is assigned to go with her. Against the orders of Eve, the woman who made them who they are and their boss. They are now on a race to save her brother and stay a step ahead of the cartel. 

I absolutely loved this story. It’s funny with some sexual tension, bad guys, a treasure and two people who can’t stop the attraction between them. I could not put this story down. It’ll will keep you turning the page till the very end. 

*received a copy from netgalley *


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