I’ll be honest it took me a little while to get into this book. It was sort of slow to start but then I couldn’t put it down. This is really about two separate couples. Zoe and Sean, Jessica and Nick. Sex, con men and rock n roll.

Sean, a bartender and employee of The Reliance Group, was a con man and he learned from his father, who’s serving fifteen years in jail for a ponzi scheme. His partner turned on him and got nothing while he’s still in prison. When a wealthy businessman comes to the TRG, and wants them to find Grant Russo, the ex partner, now believed to have taken off with millions of dollars. Sean is to get close to his daughter, Zoe, and see if she knows where her father is.

Zoe is an accessory and jewelry designer. Her best friend Jessica is the spokesperson, silent partner and rock and roll singer. They are looking for a place to open their flagstaff store. She is attracted to Sean but was hurt before and knows Sean could break her heart. Sean doesn’t want to get close because of his background and him wanting revenge against her father. But someone is threatening her and he must keep her safe, while trying to locate her father.

Jessica runs into her ex Nick, after years of being apart, and he wants closure. She left while he was gone to college and never heard from her. Jessica has secrets that she’s afraid to tell Nick. She has never stopped loving him. They have a fling until she starts her tour but Nick isn’t about to give her up.



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