Riley is a raven staying with the Phoenix pack. She wakes up from a hangover and naked in bed with Tao. Tao is a wolf shifter and a Guardian for the Phoenix pack. She is invited back to her flock for her uncles anniversary party. Tao goes with her and can’t keep their hands off each other.
Someone is shooting at Riley and her flock. They believe it’s because of an incident that happened several years ago and they blame her. Tao wants to go back home but she doesn’t want to leave her uncles. But he talks her into it so whoever was after her would follow them and they’d catch them.

Now he’ll do anything to keep her safe and his. 

Funny, suspenseful, smoking hot, and of course the crazy Greta. I love Mrs Wright’s books, they always make me laugh and need a cigarette ( if I smoked ).




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