After a couple of nights together Paige ends up pregnant with Tristian’s baby. Tristian owns several clubs and is in a dispute with Paige’s parents. When he finds out who she is, he makes her leave. Now months later she shows up claiming she’s pregnant with his baby. He’s skeptical at first and asks for DNA test.
In the meantime her parents want her to stay away from Tristian. They need money fast and the only way is for Paige to get married and start a family. But since she’s already pregnant, the trustees just have to believe she’s in love with her husband. They want her to marry a family friend but she gets Tristian to help her out. They get married without her parents and then all heck breaks loose.

Her parents are telling her things about Tristian so she leaves him and breaks his heart. But when the truth finally comes to light, can Tristian forgive her and raise their child in peace.

Great story. I think Paige should have questioned her parents better. A little mystery, sex, and a baby on the way.

*voluntarily reviewed this for author*

*RELEASES JUNE 13, 2017*


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