Maya, a arson investigator, losses her brother who was a firefighter. She comes to Tahoe to pack up his apartment. She can’t do it so she runs to a Bar and Grill to get drunk. It’s not open but the guy there opens and pours her a drink. They start making out but she runs off.Six months later she returns to investigate the fires burning and meet with her prime suspect. When she sees him, it’s the guy she made out with six months ago.

Logan is a hotshot, one of the most respected firefighters there are. They mostly fight forest fires. He is shocked when Maya returns and accuses him of being the arsonist. She suspends him and starts her investigation. The attraction is still strong between them but she’s fighting it.

But someone wants her gone. They blew up her hotel room, left a threatening note, put a bomb in Logan’s truck, set his house on fire while they were in it. Can they catch the arsonist before more people get hurt or killed?

Great story. Suspense. Mystery. Sex. Fire. Will keep you on the edge of your seat. I felt like I was right there with them. It will have your pulse pounding and the sex is so hot you’ll need to sit in front of a fan to cool off.


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