Mrs. Robinson never fails to amaze me with her wonderful characters and great storytelling. I cried so have tissues ready. I laughed because some parts are hilarious, especially Keira. The sex was steamy. And all the Kavanaghs are back.

Kiera is funny, gorgeous and working on becoming a physical therapist. She left six years ago after giving her virginity to her best friend of many years, Quinn. She left for school the next day and left him broken hearted.

Quinn is the manager for his brother the MMA fighter and other athletes. He’s on his way to meet his brother when he’s in a horrible motorcycle accident. He was unconscious for a week and when he woke he couldn’t believe all the damage done to his body.

Five months later he’s walking with a cane and starting his first physical therapy session. Only to find out his therapist is Kiera. He still loves her but won’t have his heart broken again so he remains distant. He has a secret passion and decides to show it to her. The next day she shows up offering to cook for him.

So now they’re a couple and life couldn’t be any better until she gets accepted to the physical therapy training school in Seattle. She has already decided not to go but when Quinn sees the later he thinks she’s leaving him again. So to prevent her from walking away from him, he breaks up with her. He’s afraid if she stays she’ll resent him later. She leaves and neither is happy. Will Quinn man up and go after his woman or will he lose the love of his life for a second time?

*received a copy from netgalley *

*release date August 22, 2017*


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