Karina is a former drug addict but she turned her Life around and is a private investigator. When she is next on a serial killers list, she gets the help from McKay/Taggart and the police department. Derek is a cop who has trust issues. They go undercover to find a killer. Karina is a strong, loyal woman. Derek is at first a prick but then he lets his walls down and falls in love.

ADORED…. 4.5 stars 

Laurel works as a paralegal in Mitch’s law office. She has been trying for months to get him to see her as more than an employee. Mitch sees her but has been divorced twice and doesn’t think he’d be good for her but he wants her desperately. When someone shoots through the window and almost hits Laurel, Mitch realizes he could have lost her. They end up having wild sex on the desk. After he has regrets and hurts Laurel by telling her, so she quits and goes on.

Weeks later she passes out and her brother calls an ambulance. She’s pregnant  and Mitch comes rushing and finds out he’s going to be a dad. He takes her home with him and they decide to enter a contract for a Dom/sub relationship. Mitch has some serious issues, he doesn’t believe in marriage and love, he can’t make up his mind if he can keep Laurel or should let her go.

I laughed and cried. I wanted to shake Mitch for waffling so much. The sex is so hot it’ll burn your ereader up. 

DEVOTED …. 5 stars 

Amy is CEO of Slaten Industries and she ousted her father because he was going to sell the company. While he’s trying to take the company back, she’s also got another company feuding with her. She starts going to Sanctum to be a sub and find a Dom. 

Flynn is the owner but hired someone else to be CEO. He is a code programmer and really doesn’t want the company. He is training to be a Dom at Sanctum he is partnered up with Amy as his sub. He knows who she is and thinks she’s trying to still his code. The more time he spends with her the deeper he falls but he hasn’t told her who he is. When she finds out he could lose her and the only happiness he’s really known.

Amy is beautiful and funny. Flynn is cautious and sexy. I loved this story. I couldn’t put it down. Sex, spanking, and two people who wants someone to love them.


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