Tori has been kidnapped by the witches because she knows about them. Adam, the only Enforcer from his family left working for the Coven Nine, is the logical, sexy, suit wearing brother. He rescues her but they are caught and taken before the council. He either mates Tori within a couple of days or they will kill her. They go to Seattle and hide out, trying to find out who is making the drug Apollo. It is dangerous and can kill mates and humans. What Adam doesn’t know is that Tori is being blackmailed by an agent for the DEA. She finds who is distributing Apollo or her friend goes to jail and her cop sister is arrested. So while Adam is trying to find the drug maker, prove his cousin innocent of treason, and keep Tori alive, she’s running all over town getting into trouble.

Tori is wild and independent. And it’ll take more than just fantastic sex with Adam to tame her.

Loved this story. I laughed and I was totally hooked on this book. It’s fast paced, exciting, and hot as heck.

*reviewed for netgalley *

*Releases July 4, 2017*


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