This is the second book in the series and my favorite. Hilarious with curses, gambling, sex, a Texan and a descented skunk. I laughed till I bought cried.

Amber lives in Vegas and worked as a concierge until her fathers Alzheimer’s got worse and she need more money to put him in a nice home. She has a photographic memory and helped her ex partner, Marshall, win in poker games.

Mike is a detective and is in Vegas for a buddy’s wedding. He saves Amber from Marshall and she shows him and his friends around. They click, get drunk, get married and wins $150,000 in a slot machine. Marshall kidnaps her dad and forces her to do one more game with the money Mike won. They leave early and don’t win all the money back because someone recognized them. Mike wakes up to no wife and the money gone. He searches for her but can’t find her.

Mike heads home to Boston to find Amber in his bed. She explains some of what happens but he doesn’t trust her. Now she has a mad Texan on her tail and the only place to keep her safe is with Mike’s father. He lives by himself and doesn’t like people and is always worrying about the curse. Even though he doesn’t want a wife, Mike is slowly falling for her but will it be too late?




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