Excellent story. I can’t understand all the bad reviews. It has it all; up and coming designer, former snowboader, crazy relatives, a curse, sex and mystery.Lauren has come back to town to get her grandmothers house ready for sale. She is a Perkins and her grandmother and sister were the ones to make sure everyone remembered the curse. Her sister is in a psychiatric ward in prison and her grandmother died. 

Jason is a Corwin, was on the road to the Olympics until he tested positive for drugs. He was set up and returns to his hometown to get away from reporters. Now he is doing contracting work and gets all the other contractors to be busy so he can do Lauren’s remodeling. 

The family is divided, the older Corwins want them apart and the younger generation, Jason’s cousins wives, want them together. Someone is sabotaging the house and putting Lauren behind. And both are afraid to fall for the other because of past hurts. Can the overcome the curse or will they let it keep them apart?

*voluntarily reviewed for author*

*releases June 6, 2017*


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