Ana works for LOST, to find the missing. She and her brother were kidnapped when they were fourteen and Ana was stabbed and cut many times while her brother had to watch. One of the killers she caught as a bounty hunter has escaped and the FBI wants her help. 

Cash is an FBI agent and met Ana two years ago when she brought in the serial killer. They had a one night stand but she was gone the next morning. He didn’t chase her because he has secrets of his own. But he never forgot her. Now they are teamed up to find escaped killer but when they find him he’s been butchered.

Ana and Cash are hunting someone who is killing monsters and giving what he thinks the killers deserve. He feels a connection to Ana and starts contacting her. Cash will do anything even give his life to protect Ana. But will his secrets tear them apart before they have a chance?

A wicked, twisted, very suspenseful book. One that will stay with you long after you finished the book. The sex is smoking. Protective brother. And secrets and shockers.


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