Violet owns a little diner in town. She’s beautiful, smart, and bossy. Hogan is an accountant with a boy who’s a senior in high school and works at the diner making ribs. He was hurt by his ex wife and when he first moved to town was a complete manwhore. But he’s settling down but doesn’t want to ever get married again. When he gets fired, Violet convinces him to work for her full time. With his son Colt starting college soon, he’ll need all the extra money he can get.
Nathan is sheriff and was former SWAT team. Brooklin moved in next door but she’s hiding something. He chases her until he finally wears her down. When Brooklin and Violet are run down by someone in a van, all their protective instincts come to the front. Now Nathan must figure out how to get Brooklin to trust him with her secrets.

Excellent story. Suspense thrown in. And mixed with some sexy guys and beautiful women. I love reading a story where I can get lost in it and feel like I’m right there with them. 

*Voluntarily reviewed this for Netgalley *



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