Wonderfully, funny, enemies to lovers story. Taylor starts a new job at Oxford magazine. There are lots of hot guys working there but one is different than the others. He is good looking but something about him bugs her and they are like oil and water.,

Nick works at the magazine as a fill in, he also is a bartender and writes books. He knows Taylor doesn’t like him and she is like ice around him. 

She starts dating a colleague and they get an apartment together. On move in day, he leaves her a note saying he just can’t move in. She decides to get a roommate to help with rent and Nick takes it.

They start out bumpy but slowly Taylor’s walls begin to crumble. She propositions Nick but he say give them one month and then they’ll have sex. Taylor doesn’t think she can wait that long so she sets out to seduce him. 

Nick makes a major mistake and is about to lose Taylor, if he doesn’t get his head out of his butt.

I really enjoyed this story. I read it in one day. Sex, frenemies, and good friends who’ll stand by you.

*.Taylor glanced sideways at Brit and said in a loud whisper, “Google ‘antidotes for common poisons’ on your phone, just in case.”* my favorite quote.


*RELEASES JUNE 13, 2017*


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