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Heath is an enhanced soldier hiding with his blood brothers, Ryker and Denver. They started the LOST BASTARDS DETECTIVE AGENCY. They have been on the run from the evil scientist and a bad cop. The cop wants them dead and the scientist wants to make more super soldiers.

Someone has been killing red headed women and sending the pictures to Anya, a psychologist professor, her sister an FBI agent sets herself up as bait and gets killed. Anya is devastated and goes on tv calling the Copper Killer out. She drags Heath into it by saying he’s her fiancé and are going to Snowville to open up their agency. She is using herself as bait and Heath has a slight problem with women being in danger. As the killer gets closer, Heath and Anya realize their feelings for each other but he is always on the run and doesn’t want that for Anya. 

Sexy men. Nail biting suspense. Crazy doctors and a killer. I was totally shocked at the end. Blew me away! You have to read this book.



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