Tessa is in Hawaii looking Zach Ellis, the father of her best friends daughter. Her friend passes away from cancer and leaves Sophia to Tessa. She needs him to give up his parental rights so she can adopt her. Zach is a stuntman and surfer for the Renegades. He is single and doesn’t plan to settle down anytime soon. He fills in for the star of the series he’s doubling for at a club. He sees Tessa and she seems different than all the other groupies hanging around. Tessa mistakes him for the star and goes back to his hotel. They have wild sex and she goes back to her condo, only to see on tv she slept with the guy she was looking for, Zach.

When she meets him and asks him to sign over his rights, he is shocked that he even has a daughter and refuses. He starts to spend time with both and falls hard. Only thing, Tessa is an attorney and lives in D.C. and Zach is in L.A. and travels a lot for work. Tessa has some decisions to make but will she make the right ones for her or her daughter?

Awesome story. I loved Zach, he gorgeous and funny and sexy. Tessa is sweet, protective, and a loving mother. Some smoking hot sex scenes. A cute little girl and some old friends.




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