Riva a college student at the time, gets arrested for selling drugs. Ian is a twenty five year old cop and if she becomes his confidential informant, he’ll drop the charges. There is chemistry between them but neither will cross the line.

 Now seven years later, Riva owns her own ground to table restaurant. She helps troubled kids and teaches them farming and cooking. Ian stops by not knowing Riva is the owner. After he eats she asks him to never come back. Ian is in the middle of stopping drug trafficking and corrupt cops in his town. He has one of Riva’s kids arrested and she goes to get him. She makes a deal with Ian, drop the charges and she’ll help bring down the head drug dealer.

It’s been seven years since she went home but her mom needs her and Ian goes along. The fire between still blazes will they let it go out or see how hot it will burn them? Smoking sex scenes, will keep you on the edge of your seat. One thing I liked about Riva, she was strong and didn’t blame her mistakes on others. Ian was see sawing between wanting her but not messing up his career. I did read it in one day.




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