OMG!!!! I couldn’t put it down. Erika’s characters are so real. The story makes you feel like you’re right there with them. Plenty of action. Sex. Bad guys. A real nail biter.
Nathan was a Marine, former Vegas cop, and now he runs security for a casino but works for THE RELIANCE GROUP. They go in when cops or Feds won’t or can’t. He is about to go undercover to find a runaway girl at sick, perverted rich mans mansion. He likes young girls and uses them for sex and them passes them to his friends. But first he does a favor for a friend and goes to a speed dating event.

Nicole is a reporter and has been given these fluff pieces that are not interesting. She is sent to do the speed dating event and meets Nathan. They’ve both been hurt and decide to have a one night stand. She sneaks off but sees the file on Sloane, the sicko. She reads some of it and decides to go undercover and get a story. At a party they run into each other and to keep her safe, they pose as a couple. 

Nicole and Nathan team up to rescue the girl and keep their hearts from being broken. 




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