Alexa is a couple of weeks away from marrying her fiancé. He lives in a big house, bought her a car, lets her hoarder of a mother live rent free but he is controlling and just a little off lately.
Maverick belongs to the Raven Riders MC. He had a relationship with Alexa until 5 years ago when everything went downhill. She comes to the clubhouse with bruises and they patch her up. He decides to keep an eye on her and it’s a good thing. Her ex kicks her out, in the pouring rain and that is the last straw for her.

Maverick promises to help her pick up the pieces and get on with her life. But her ex will try every trick in the book to get her back.

Maverick is a lovable, protective, biker. Alexa is sweet and let her ex walk all over her but once she gets away, she gets stronger and grows a spine. Sexy. Edge of your seat. A hairless cat. Second chances.
I’ll be honest I almost couldn’t finish reading it. Right in the middle my cousin was killed in a motorcycle accident and I wasn’t for sure if I could finish it. That’s one of the reasons it took me so long to read it otherwise I’d have read it in one day.


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