Good Lord be prepared for cold showers and if you smoke, a cigarette. Second chance at love, a little humor thrown in and sex and you’ve got yourself a best seller. 

Peggy has been engaged four times, beautiful, smart, former cheerleader, funny, and is on a road trip to New York with her siblings. They are fulfilling their mothers finally request…swim in the ocean on New Years Eve. But first a stop at her college for alumni weekend and get her ex out of her system, so she can finally move on.

Elliott is a living legend at the college. He is head coach of the football team, handsome, has a daughter, and has done nothing but eat, sleep, and breath football. He is a widower but wasn’t a very good husband or father. 

Three years ago a cheerleader caught his eye and they had a passionate affair, his wife had already passed away. Now she’s back and determined to turn his world upside down and leave him in her dust. Will he realize there’s more to life than football or will he lose the only woman he has ever loved? 

This is the third in the Clarkson series. I believe it’s my favorite out of all of them, so far. Loved it. 

*voluntarily reviewed this for netgalley *


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