Crystal is a clothing designer and works for her best friend Gemma at PRINCESS FOR A DAY Boutique. She has a rough exterior but a soft side she hides. Her childhood wasn’t the best and it didn’t get much better during college.

Bear is motorcycle designer, bartender, and mechanic plus a member of the Dark Knights MC. He has a job offer from a prestigious motorcycle shop, where he’ll be able to design his own bikes. He just has to break it to his father.
After chasing Crystal for eight months, she finally gives him a chance. But first she must tell him her secrets and Bear being Bear was sweet, gentle, and supportive. It takes awhile for Crystal to be intimate with Bear but he’s patient and totally in love with her.

I loved this story. Overprotective Bear, a slightly ,not really damaged but scared, biker chick, friends, family, and secrets revealed. Bear is the perfect boyfriend. I would take him in a heartbeat, if I wasn’t married 😂. Can’t wait to read all the Whiskey books.


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