Holy Cow!! This is one smoking hot book. It’s sort of a modern day Romeo and Juliet plus one.Jewel, Rogen, and Vin had been friends for years. There was a falling out between Jewel’s and Rogen’s parents. Jewel and Rogen were involved until his parents send him away to boarding school. Vin’s parents died in a plane crash and was raised by Rogen’s parents. After Rogen has been gone for months and Jewel doesn’t here from him, she starts dating Vin. She decides to sneak off to tell Rogen about her and Vin. But doesn’t and Rogen tells Vin about Jewel visiting. Vin leaves and Jewel never hears from him. 

Now eight years later she wants the land between them but neither families will sell. She comes up with a plan. She gets a rare bottle of scotch made by the Angelini family. She thinks she can barter the scotch and cash for the land. Rogen finds out his dad intends to double cross her and tells her. The three of them go off on an adventure both professional and personal. They start an affair that will cause you to blush and need a cold shower. 

Three people been kept from each by family. Jewel who’s gorgeous, smart, and finds herself in love with two men. Rogen is handsome and has always loved Jewel. Vin is devilishly handsome and a lawyer and a little hard hearted. But when the three get together, clothes fly off and nothing is held back. Can they get past the fued between their families and the talk in town, to have a future together?


*Release date April 4,2017*


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