Dreya is a shifter and a thief. Braden is a cop who’s been after Dreya for years. He finally catches her and arrests her but two Feds show up and remove her from his custody.
Danica and Clayne are two agents for DCO and take her to their compound. They have come to recruit her, she has five days to decide. She can join them or she can walk away and her arrest will be erased. Braden was worried so he followed her and they offer to let him stay and be her partner. They train together and when he finds out she not quite human, he’s not disgusted, like she thought he would be , he’s amazed. They become more than partners, they become lovers.

Also going on is Ivy and Landon checking out a psychiatric hospital that is making hybrids and experimenting on them. So they send in another agent undercover to find the shifter and hybrids. Trevor is hilarious and hope he has a book soon.

Sexy, edge of your seat action, funny, and sad. Totally shocked by the end! Bravo Paige. Bravo.

*Voluntarily reviewed this for netgalley *


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