Van, Lucas, and Wolf are foster brothers and adopted by Noah Tate. They are all three Navy SEALs and have return for their father’s funeral. They are each left a letter and Van’s tells him to protect his foster sister Chloe. She is in danger.
Chloe lives in Wyoming and runs Tate Ranch. She is left absolutely nothing in her fathers will and everything went to her theee foster brothers. Van emails her to come to New York right away. She goes and finds out some startling news. 

Van is all about military first and just wants to get this over with and go back to base. Chloe just wants the ranch and she’ll head back home. They have one night of awesome sex but he tells her he can’t give her more. She excepts it only Van can’t seem to get enough of her. Will he let his past destroy his future or will he lose her?

This is the first in a new series. Secrets. Sex. And SEALs.

*voluntarily reviewed this for netgalley *

*Release date: May 2,2017*


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