Sloan belongs to a big mafia family. She leaves to get out from under their control. She hides out in Oregon and gets a job waitressing. She has a gorgeous next door neighbor but he’s antisocial. She goes over to flirt and he turns her flat down.

Jude has been living next to Sloan way before she arrived. He is a hired hit man and plans to take out the woman that owns Sloan’s beach house. See he old woman’s brother has his father, brothers, and their wives killed. His mother was pregnant with him and on her deathbed, she made him promise to get revenge.

What Jude doesn’t expect, is to fall for Sloan. Will he choose her over revenge?  Will Sloan’s family drag her back to the fold?

Excellent story. Loved the characters and the story made you feel like you were right there. Sex that will have you taking a cold shower. 


*RELEASE DATE May 30,2017*


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