Zoe was in and out of foster care for years. That’s where she met Gideon. He was the only constant in her life.. When she was eleven, Gideon was sent to kill her mother but instead he ran with her. Her mother died six months later of a drug overdose. Gideon saw his father kill his mother and was put into foster care. Now they live in Michigan and he watches Zoe like a hawk. When he realizes Zoe’s dad is in town, he goes into protective mode. Not wanting her out of his sight.

Zoe has been in love with Gideon but he still sees her as a child. So she sets out to find a man and get rid of her virginity. When he finds out he goes ballistic. He decides to prove she can’t handle him but the tables get turned when she is everything he could want but doesn’t believe he deserves it.

She meets her father and he gives her an ultimatum….leave the state and never tell she is her father or he’ll destroy Gideon and her friends. She takes it and tells Gideon, who has decided to turn himself and the info he has on her father to the police. She realizes he was always there for her, so she goes back to be there for him. Even if she has to wait for him. 

I read this in one sitting. It bothered me how bad Gideon treated Zoe during and after sex,  but Zoe could have put a stop but she didn’t. I know he was doing it to scare her off but I still thought it was wrong. Exciting, very erotic, edge of your seat book.


*RELEASE DATE: March 28,2017*


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