This is a short, sexy story. Vampires, faes, and other paranormals. Emily is a fae and just learning her powers. She has been in love with Devyn since she met him five years ago. The only problem, she was engaged to Devyn’s twin.

Devyn is a Mastyr Vampire and feels responsible for his twins death last year. He loves Emily but won’t get involved because of his brother. He is injured in a battle and Emily lets him drink her blood. Which they then find out she is a blood rose. That is a person who makes extra blood for a vampire, if the vampire doesn’t feed from them, the blood rose could die. They have sex but he still claims that he can’t stay with her.

Emily is attacked by an Invictus couple and she escapes. Devyn and her come up with a plan to capture the couple but they have to bond first. Can he lt go of his guilt and be with the woman he loves or will he lose her?

 *Received copy and voluntarily reviewed it*


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