Amy is Spencer’s niece and was the event coordinator of her mother and aunts retirement village in Florida. She was a social worker until her mother was arrested and it was in the news. They fired her and she returned home to keep her mother and aunt out of trouble.She decides to take a job at Hot Zone as a publicist. Her first assignment is John Roper. 

Roper is center fielder for the Renegades baseball team. When he hurts his shoulder during the World Series and causing them to lose, the fans turn against him. His family his constantly coming to him with their problems, someone is stalking him, and he falls for Amy. Only she doesn’t like to be in front of the camera but behind it. Can he convince her to take a risk or will she be to afraid to step into the limelight?

I loved this series but I didn’t care for Amy. Roper is sexy, funny, and lovable. Amy can’t make her mind up. She was pushing him away with one arm and pulling him in with the other. She needed to grow up and quit jerking him around. Crazy relatives. A hunky ball player. A stalker. 

*Voluntarily reviewed for author *


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