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Eveny and Luke have been best friends for years. Eveny is a wolf shifter and Luke is human. They have secretly loved each other for years. When Eveny comes into her first heating cycle, she decides to go to their cabin for a week to suffer alone. If a male comes inside her without a condom, he becomes her mate. Luke finds out some want to rape her and goes up there to protect her.

Great story. Best friends fall in love.


Acksel is Alpha of his pack. He has just changed the laws that allow a wolf to mate with a human or a different type of shifter.
Brynn has had a thing for Acksel for years. She works in a doctor’s office as the receptionist. One night she wakes up to pounding on her door. It’s Acksel. Drunk. She puts him on her couch to sleep it off. But is awaken by him in her bed, turning her on.

Acksel wakes the next morning next to Brynn and leaves without a note or anything. He has always been attracted to her but where he’s the Alpha he afraid she’ll be targeted by his enemies. Until five weeks later and she’s kidnapped and he is told to step down or they will kill her. Nobody takes his mate and lives especially when she’s carrying his pup.

Loved the story. Crazy pack members. Hot sex. A sexy Alpha and beautiful human.



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