Sophie is the middle Jordan sister. She has to have order and control over her life. When her uncles partner, Spencer, has his secrets exposed, he goes into hiding. Everyone is gone but Sophie and everything seems to be falling apart. Enter Riley Nash.

Riley is a pro football player and the secret son of Spencer’s. He is trying to locate him, so he’ll keep his parentage a secret. He step father, who raised him as his own, is in politics and Riley will do anything to keep it secret. He travels to Florida with Sophie, to try and find Spencer. 

Someone is sabotaging Hot Zone and leaking all their secrets to the press. Riley realizes his feelings are more than friendly toward Sophie, he tells her. She gets scared and runs and Riley gives her her space. Will she take a chance or will she lose Riley?

Excellent story. This is the third in the HOT ZONE series. Sex. Lies. Humor. And sports. This can be read as a stand alone.

*Voluntarily reviewed this for author*


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