Loved this. It’s full of passion, laughter, and family. The sex scenes is very hot. Micki is the baby of the three girls. She is a publicist and just one of the guys. She wants Damien Fuller, the Renegades Captain. 

Damien is thirty five and he knows his career is almost ending. He is totally focused on his career and lets no one mess with his plans.

Micki starts dressing more girly and gets into some trouble on the road in Florida. Damien gets her out but not before pictures are taken. He takes her to his private island and they come to an understanding…they will get each other out of their systems and go back to just friends when they return to NY.

Damien never expects to fall in love but Micki is under his skin. She’s scared he’ll get tired of her so she won’t give them a chance. Will she come to her senses and take a chance or will she lose him forever.

*voluntarily reviewed this book for author*


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