I don’t even know what to write. I know it took several days to read but with Mrs. Blake’s books I stop reading because I don’t want it to end too fast. I laughed and almost cried. Extremely hot. Suspense. And some old friends and new. I truly enjoyed this book and can’t wait for the next one. 
Hayley is an American and a cousin to Desiree. Beautiful and a history professor her house blows up after she gets the some of Desiree’s belongings. Now all she has left is two letters and a necklace she was left. She tells Hayley if she ever finds herself in danger, go to Nick, her ex lover and partner.

Nick is a Russian and a former Russian agent. He has a one night stand with Hayley but Desiree shows up with information on his sisters killers. Nick leaves Hayley and kills all that were responsible for her death. When Desiree is killed on a mission with McKay-Taggert, Nick falls apart. Now two years after her death and five years after his one night stand, Hayley is accused of murder.

Nick will do anything to keep Hayley safe and try and win her heart back. Hayley has always loved Nick but she doesn’t trust him to stick around. Can Nick keep her protected and prove he loves her or will he get scared and run like always?


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