Haunted by a past he’s struggling to forget, Blaze once again finds himself a VC Warrior—something he swore would never happen. Confident he could easily walk away again, his connection to a certain redhead makes that decision harder than he imagined.

Trying to fit into the Warrior world, Katrina holds a secret that could ruin the new life she is fighting to fit into. And having feelings for a certain Warrior does not make things any easier.

As Blaze’s past catches up to him and Katrina’s secret is exposed, they discover a deep bond that neither can fight. It soon becomes clear that a past can be put to rest, but secrets can be deadly. 


2 thoughts on “BLAZE by @TeresaGableman out NOW!!!!

  1. I LOVE this series!! Teresa Gabelman packs her series with action-laughs and steamy scenes!! Blaze blew me away! He almost made me forget my devotion to JARED!
    If you have time for a reading binge or an addiction, then this is the series to start!


  2. Phenomenal series.
    I am absolutely obsessed with the Protectors Series. Blaze is so freaking HOT. Like panty wetting HOT


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