Cassie has looked forward to taking over her family’s company for years. But gets blindsided when the reins are turned over to her spoiled brother. They have a tech magazine that is hers, so she decides to do an article on Derek West. A billionaire who’s family used to work for Cassie’s. No one has ever interviewed him so she makes an appointment to see him.Derek was the gardener and maids son. He and his friends came up with an app that made them billions. He still holds Cassie’s family blame for the death of his father. His mother was accused of stealing, arrested and fired without references. They lost their insurance and by the time his dad went to the doctor, it was too late. He died of lung cancer. He attempts to buy the Storms company but is turned down. 

Cassie was told they left for better jobs until Derek tells her the truth. She is shocked and wants to do an in depth interview and follow Derek around. After getting reacquainted with Cassie, he realizes she’s not the stuck up snob he thought she was. Can they get over the past to have a future together?

Loved the story. Poor boys gets rich story. Couldn’t put it down. Ms Phillips and Ms Wilde make the characters like every day people. I almost needed a cigarette ( if I smoked ) after the sex scenes. 

*Voluntarily reviewed this story for the authors*


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