OMG!!! I laughed, I cried and needed a cold shower and cigarette ( if I smoked ). I felt like I was right there with them feeling their pain and happiness. This is the 2nd in this series and I cannot wait for Cade’s story.

Carrie is from a family of overachievers and she is a model. She really wants to be a photographer and gets a scholarship to a school in Spain for nine months. Her best friend Hayden is marrying Beck, one of the owners of the tequila bar, they met at. Beck’s friend Marco asks Carrie for help with a surprise engagement party. 

Marco is a former SEAL, partner with Beck and Cade in the bar, and has abandonment issues. His parents were deported and he and his sister was put in foster care. She was adopted and he lost track of her. He is gorgeous, moody, and has some insecurities. 

Marco and Carrie have to put their differences aside and plan this party. But the more time they spend together, the more the attraction grows. So Marco suggests they have a no strings affair until she leaves in two months. What they don’t expect is to fall for each other. Carrie must decide to go to Spain or stay with the man she has falling in love with.




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