My first time reading this author. This is a clean romance story about second chances.Tessa ran away from her home at the age of seventeen. Her family lived in a commune and never ventured out into town. But Tessa gets sick and her mother takes her to the doctor and she is diagnosed with seizures, that can b treated with meds. Her father refuses, she runs away and ends up in a barn on Johnny’s farm. He is a couple of years older and takes her in and marries her at eighteen.

Johnny was in the Army and the joined ATF. He was undercover for twenty seven months, when he comes out, Tessa has left and left him divorce papers to sign. Johnny isn’t giving her up without a fight. So he locates her on a tiny island working in a bakery. Happier than he’s ever seen her. They both agree to couples counseling. 

Tessa has loved Johnny from the moment she meet him and eight years later hasn’t changed that. But she needs his love in return and he doesn’t believe in love. He believes in his promise to protect her. Can they work past their problems to find their way back to each other? 

Secrets. Secondary characters interesting. Not exactly a cliffhanger but you know there will have to be a book about them. Better than I expected.

*Voluntarily reviewed from Netgalley *



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