Phoebe has been an assistant to many people. She goes to an interview with a recluse who hasn’t left his home in ten years. He is offering six figures and she desperately needs the money. Her fiancé has been in a coma for two years and she’s paying his medical bills. Nero is an overbearing, butt hole, billionaire who lives in three rooms of his massive house. His mother hid him in a little room for ten years to keep her husband from finding out. She told Nero his step father didn’t like children and she had to hide him to keep him safe. 

I’ll be honest I didn’t like Nero until the very very end. I understand his phobia because I have a mild form of it. Phoebe is a good hearted person and wants to try and help Nero but he has to want help. He has a caveman mentality but Phoebe doesn’t seem to mind it. Wild sex. Secrets. I really don’t know if it’s considered cheating when he’s been in a coma for two years. And a woman who realizes she needs to help people. But will Nero let her in or will he let her walk away?

*voluntarily reviewed this from netgalley *



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