Be prepared to have Kleenexs when reading this book. Awesome story that will have you crying your eyes out and cheering for characters.Drew is a former hockey player who was forced to retire because of a bad knee. He is leaving a coffee shop when a woman stops him and precedes to tell him he has an eleven year old daughter. Thy had a one night stand and she didn’t know who he was until recently. She doesn’t want anything from him but she’s dying and wanted to see if he wants to meet his daughter.

Peyton is a reputation consultant and her sister is dying of cancer. She comes back home to be with her sister and niece. At first she thinks Drew is a jerk but as she gets to know him, she realizes what a wonderful man he is. They have ups and downs but they figure out love is what makes everything a little better.

Tragedy. Love. And two people who must get along for the sake of a little girl. I absolutely loved this book.

*voluntarily reviewed this from netgalley * 

*Release date April 11,2017*


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